In 2004, Khouzestan Oxin Steel Co. was officially launched to provide national strategic products and to be a link in the supply chain of heavy industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, maritime, and car manufacturing in need of broad-width steel plates and heating processes.

The company, applying state-of-the-art technology, began its mass production and currently takes steps towards its further development and excellence through offering special products in terms of size and specifications that may well satisfy costumers’ expectations.


2004 to 2008Installation
2010Mass production initiation
2011Surpassing the production of 300.000 tons Execution of management systems
2012Surpassing the production of 600.000 tons
2013Commissioning of heating furnaces and the production of special products Surpassing the production of 650.000 tons
2014Awarded best steelmaking company by Iranian National Standards Organization Surpassing the daily production of 5000 tons Surpassing the monthly production of 83.000 tons



Customer orientation



Continuous Improvement

Social Responsibility






Our company has devoted itself to the production of broad-width steel plates and high-strength special alloys, and intended to be a link in the chain of the national steel industry, using unique technology, to fulfill the needs of oil, gas, petrochemical, maritime companies, together with providing its shareholders with value-added benefits.

Khuzestan Oxin Steel Co. was originally built to manufacture broad-width plates for various purposes, including large-diameter oil and gas supply pipes, shipbuilding industry, defense industry, industrial and power stations steam boilers, high-pressure tanks, and huge storage tanks of oil and chemical liquid






Khouzestan Oxin Steel Co. Code of ethics

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H): I have been designated as a prophet to perfect moral standards.

We, the staff of Khouzestan Oxin Steel Co., have committed ourselves to these ethical codes to seek and preserve independence of the Iranian steelmaking industry from outside of the borders of our beloved country:

1- Adhering to the moral principles and due respects to customers in terms of interpersonal and organizational interactions;

2- Treating clients, colleagues — especially, the retired of steel making industry - with all due respect, courtesy, and self-possession;

3- Adhering to the culture of being open to criticism, accountability, responsibility, and mutual trust;

4- Being part of the process of decision making, decision taking, and synergy to fulfill the company's objectives based on empathy and rapport;

5- Following administrative rules, regulations, and criteria, as well as avoiding any position abuse and employment discrimination;

6- Being committed to the timely fulfillment of obligations, and having responsibility together with the organizational and professional sense of belonging, as well as striking a balance between the individual and organizational interests with prominence to the latter;

7- Enhancing and expanding organizational knowledge and experience as an asset to the company and sharing them with colleagues, consultants, contractors, and any interested parties within the organizational framework;

8- Pursuing the delimitation, balance, and moderation in occupational and family life;

9- Observing rules, disciplines, codes of clothing, and appearance, along with optimizing the work environment;

10- Optimizing the use of resources and avoiding extravagance and improvidence in favor of the company's benefits;

11- Replacing the inefficient heavy work with the intelligent light work to raise productivity;

12- Attending to the sustainable development of the local knowledge and expertise, and human resource empowerment in keeping with austerity measures;

13- Preserving natural resources and national assets through efficient energy consumption, as well as shouldering social and moral responsibilities.